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Why Everyone is Obsessed with Louis Vuitton Padlocks?

Lock me, please! there is something about padlocks and little keys that make everyone just love it. In fact, one of our best seller of the season is the Necklace made from repurposed Louis Vuitton padlocks. 

So let me quickly explained why everybody is so obsessed with these accessories: one of the reason is streetwear is becoming the new luxury trend. 

Streetwear or Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers. Magazines and Newspapers like the New York Times and Elle commonly feature candid photographs of individuals wearing urban, stylish clothing but now there is an evolving in this trend, passing for a low-cost street style to luxury. But, let's spend two minutes in the style that is growing and giving space to bigs necklaces and shining color: the street style, specific fashion style which comes originally from British fashion culture.

While luxury brands have always gained inspiration from underground, subculture and streetwear style, for the first time, these designers and brands are getting a seat at the table. Just need to look to Supreme collaboration with Louis Vuitton without going so far. 

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