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5 Ways to Refresh Your Bags On a Dime

Fashion, like the seasons, is always changing. And most of us want to look good, which means updating our wardrobes regularly. Staying fashionable and on trend with the latest looks is an expensive hobby, but looking cute and current need not break the bank. From up-cycling older looks to adding zing with new accessories, we’ve collected six of our favorite ways to update a closet without going into the red. So check the suggestions below, then make space and get ready for Spring!

1. Wrap handles

Something we just left our bag on the wardrobe only because we are afraid to ruin the handles, or they are just too older for us, especially when the patina is really brown, or almost black (I know! happen to me all the time) so in that case I just wrap it on my handles and my old vintage bag became the queen of the house.. I promise is like a magic! 

2. Scarf bag 

In this case, is not about hiding the handles but is about making them, the protagonists of it, so just need to put a bow on them and voila...

3. Keychain

The easy one.. don't need any skills( tie a bow is difficult I know) so just put the keychain that adapts the most to your bag.. colorful, shine or simple and elegant. Decide which one will make your shine. 

4.Collar Keychain

This one is my fav, make you and your bag feel like queens, there is something about royalty that comes back to my mind when I see this gorgeous charms. 

5. Mix up!!! 

Accessories! you just can't go wrong, so play with them and have fun! a different style for you every single day. 

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