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How to spot a real Chanel Jewellery

Pendants, necklaces and other kinds of neck jewellery designed for complementary the image of any woman, deserve special attention in the world of jewellery.

Especially when it comes to Chanel jewellery that is the perfect way to work the iconic brand into your wardrobe. Chanel necklaces are well-known as status necklaces for that reason it is often imitated and fakes abound. In this guide, I want to go through some tips that I personally use to authenticate every piece.

1. Marking

Each period has its own variation that helps to establish the authenticity of each piece. Pieces dating from 1932 are not signed and represented the most difficult to authenticated and the easiest to counterfeited because early Chanel jewellery did not include special markings or hallmarks. Have a look at our infographic to know more about it.

authenticy tips Chanel

2. Type of Materials used 

Pieces produced between the 1970 and 1990s were really heavy. There were working with heavy metal and the gold plated.

3. Style

Having a close look at a Chanel piece of jewellery and you'll craftsmanship, the quality of gem setting and finish that allow you to easily authenticate Chanel Jewelry for those who own an authentic piece and already recognised. 

Hope you enjoyed this mini-guide! 


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