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17.01 Collection Reveal: Dior, Prada and Chanel pieces to Love

You don’t want to miss a thing – our latest vintage finds and reworked necklaces are revealed. 

In this new collection, you'll find two types of necklaces: Unaltered pieces and reworked items. 
1. Unaltered Pieces: 

Our Authentic and gorgeous Dior necklaces are classy and timeless. If you want to upgrade your outfit to the next level this is your way to go. You can choose between silver or gold colour jewellery. All of them are pre-loved items in excellent conditions(no rhinestones missing). Price range: 130-180£. 

All these Dior pieces were authenticated by us, read our authentication guide here.

Which colour of metal/s you choose to wear should be entirely up to personal preference and your sense of aesthetics. Go with what makes you feel happy!
2. Reworked pieces: 

Reconstructed or reworked fashion is used or vintage jewellery that has been redesigned into a new garment, actually the word Rework means to make changes to the original version of (something).

Our first project was to transform a Prada keychain into 2 necklaces. We used the Bear charm and added to a geometric link chain, and the second necklaces were made with the Prada clasp from the keychain. 

Price: Some designer pieces can be extremely expensive and even considering owning one can seem impossible. With a reworked piece, you actually owned a piece that is coming from an authentic one without going broke. Price of the Prada bear is 120£ and the Prada clasp necklace is 60£. Both necklaces are in medium conditions and sign of wear are visible. 
Exciting to announce two big restockings: we got 1 mini Chanel pendant( reworked from Chanel earrings) price: 100£ excellent conditions and the mini-CD logo: 70£ supreme conditions as well. Both necklaces are reworked. 

This Collection is full of love, vintage items and uniqueness. With our upcycled items you are helping the environment, because upcycled or reworked items uses significantly less raw materials, it massively reduces the harmful impacts of fashion production. Such as less water usage, fewer chemicals and fewer carbon emissions.

These new items of the 17.01 2020 Collection will be available tomorrow at 8.00 pm GMT.

All items are pre-owned or reworked. Trademarks are owned by their respective brand owners. No brand owner endorses or sponsors this ad or has any association and/or affiliation with BoutiqueSecondlife.

Our Promise

We have authentication procedures in place to help ensure the authenticity of our items.

100% Authenticy Guarantee 

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