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16.02 Collection Reveal: Unique & Rare Finds

New finds! YES, please! In this collection, we are proud to announce that we put our hands in rare and authentic finds. 

Without any further introduction, we are thrilled to show you the 16.02 new items collection. 


Our first project was inside this Prada Clochette - clochette is that little thing hanging off the bag.  It is originally used to wear the keys without damaging the bag- we paired with a perfect geometric link to create this amazing necklace. So obsessed with it! 

  •  Price:160£ Only one available 
  • 2 keys and clochette are included 
  • Conditions: Good condition. 

Chic and sophisticated: ICONIC DIOR

Dior jewellery is one of that truly iconic jewellery – like Chanel – that has been around for years. And it never looks dated or out of style – it’s an elegant, classic and a piece of timeless jewellery. 

Unaltered Dior pieces: to see our authentication steps on these Dior necklaces, click here

  •  Price from left to right: 170£ - 170£ -150£
  • Only 1 available 
  • adjustable length  
  • Conditions: Supreme condition. no rhinestones missing 

  • Price from left to right: 170£ - 170£ -130£
  • Only 1 available 
  • adjustable length  
  • Conditions: Supreme condition. no rhinestones missing 

  • Price from left to right: 180£ - 200£ -170£ - 90£
  • Only 1 available 
  • adjustable length  
  • Conditions: Supreme condition. no rhinestones missing 
  • *Medium condition: last necklace(price:90£)

Louis Vuitton vintage padlock 

What is the difference between the classic padlock and the vintage padlock? well... the vintage version was the first one to be ever made and Louis Vuitton launched the jewellery lock collection as a tribute of it. The vintage padlock is out of the production line, this means that only a limited amount of them can be found on the vintage market, after a while they will be sold out forever. The classic is the one that is currently in the store, distributed as a charm bag for certain types of bags(speedy, alma, keepal) and it's relatively easier to find in the vintage market.  

  • Price: 100£
  • Only 1 available. 
  • Conditions: Great conditions.

  • Price: 80£
  • Only 1 available. 
  • Conditions: Medium conditions (slightly discolorated)


We continue to focus on what we excel at: reworking authentic and beautiful items. If you want to know more about the reworked process check here. All items are in excellent conditions except for those marked with the asterisk(**)

  • Price from left to right: 80£ - 130£ - 60£** 
  • Only 1 available. 
  • **Conditions: Medium conditions (discolorated)

  • Price from left to right: 70£ - 70£ - 70£ 
  • Only 1 available. 
  • Conditions: Good conditions 

  • Price from left to right: 150£ - 70£ - 60£** 
  • Only 1 available. 
  • **Conditions: Medium conditions (discolorated)

All these previous items will come with our BSL packaging as shown here:  


The GIFT collection: 

Only one of our new items will be part of the exclusive GIFT collection: 


  • Price: 360£
  • Only 1 available. 
  • Conditions: Supreme conditions
  • Authentic packaging, keys and flowers included.

These items will be available on our website at 3.00 pm GMT on the 16.02.2020 

Hope you love it!

So what are your favourite pieces? Let us know in the comments 

All items are pre-owned or reworked. Trademarks are owned by their respective brand owners. No brand owner endorses or sponsors this ad or has any association and/or affiliation with BoutiqueSecondlife


Our Promise

We have authentication procedures in place to help ensure the authenticity of our items.

100% Authenticy Guarantee 

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