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The Ultimate Guide To Our Padlock Necklaces

You've picked out the perfect outfit. You have the shoes, you have your bag but when you try on the outfit and look at yourself in the mirror, you think, "Something is still missing...

Then a thought hits you. You need some jewellery. These will complete your outfit and make your dress stand out.

But what jewellery to wear that fits your style? 

Check out our ultimate guide to our Authentic & pre-owned Louis Vuitton padlock-necklaces so you can pick the perfect piece on this launch. 

There are so many ways we can style and wear our favourite pendant necklaces. Depending on the design of the jewellery you can make your looks more elegant, fashionable, funky or extravagant. By using our imagination and creativity there are endless options to wear and rock these unique pieces.

#1: Padlock with Single Chain:

A single chain and a vintage Louis Vuitton pendant? this combination is perfect for any of your daily looks because it looks stylish and elegant no matter how simple is your look. 


It could definitely beautifully embellish your basic tops to make them more interesting and attractive.

#2: Padlock with Double Chain:

The recipe for the perfect stack? neck with layered necklaces is the cornerstone of the chicest look. Can be casually worn well with a nice jumper as an everyday staple  


or very classic and elegant to be worn well with a plunging deep neckline at an event.

Furthermore, necklaces with pendants are very versatile and appropriate for any time of the year.

#3: Padlock with Geometric Chain + Bracelet Key:

 Are you looking for something that can be worn every day with a special finish? then the geometric necklace is your way to go. 

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It’s on in the details 🔥🔒

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#4: Padlock with Geometric Chain: 

We all have that delicate, stackable thin chains, but the maximalist version is back and it looks really amazing. For years, thread-thin, barely-there gold necklaces have dominated fashion but, for autumn, macro versions are taking centre stage. But fashion comes back this style from the ’80s and ’90s when thick, juicy gold pieces reigned.

As you can see, they look great on their own, layered with other chains, or with other types of necklaces. So versatile and ready to wow everybody! 

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If you want to go for a more modern, very trendy and fashionable necklace make sure to decorate your neck with the geometric Chain. 

#5: Padlock with Chunky Chain:

The necklace for the streetwear style, The Louis Vuitton padlock with Chunky chain with this neckline, you have the chance to be bold. It is one of the few times where you can really experiment and have fun with a statement necklace. It can be large, chunky, and ready to grab all the attention.


The chunky Chains have come back in fashion and taken over your Instagram feed. The Louis Vuitton padlock with the chunky chain is one of the accessories that is taking your look from 0 to 10 instantly.


#6: Padlock with Rolo Chain+ Bracelet Key:

This kind of necklace is great to be worn with casual or more dressy outfits as well, but a subtle necklace that would never look excessive. Extra point is you wear a matching bracelet. 

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#7: Padlock with Cuban-Claps Chain:

Looking for something classic with a twist?  if you’re looking for a new necklace, something that is completely different to all your jewellery then you should definitely consider the Padlock with Cuban- claps chain necklace. Perfect on its own or layered, it’s beautiful and unique.

#8: Padlock with Chunky Chain+ Bracelet Key:

Chunky chain match with a chunky bracelet: win combination 

#9: Padlock with Double Cuban-Claps Chain:

Double chains? Double fun! 

For example, you can layer them over your winter sweaters or turtlenecks, yet perfect for your plain t-shirts and tank tops during the summer days.

Pendants can give a splash of colour to your monochrome outfits during the colder days and make even more joyful your summer looks

Nevertheless, if you only wear your layered necklace it still looks very trendy and completed. Try to wear this style with V-necks, collared shirts or open necklines so you can show your passion for the layered necklaces.


#10: Padlock with Rolo Chain:

 A pendant necklace is one of the most common types of necklaces on the market, consisting of a central component dangling as the focal point of a chain.

drawing the eye and attention to the subtle star of the piece. Soft and delicate, pendant necklaces are very classic and elegant, and can be worn well with a plunging deep neckline at an event, or casually as an everyday jewel. 

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#11: Padlock with Single Cuban Chain:

Delicate chains are perfect for everyone who wants a more subtle, fun and girly look that you can wear all the time.

These delicate necklaces are truly unique pieces that could be worn with any of your looks.

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#12: Padlock with Double Chunky Chain:

You can always combine two necklaces: one chunky and one thin. To be super trendy make sure to combine your layered necklace with a choker for a lovely and remarkable style.

This is definitely one of the most worn necklaces at the moment, therefore if you want to attract people’s attention and interest focus on this look


It used to be about delicate, stackable thin chains, but the maximalist version is back and it looks really amazing.

#13: Padlock with Double Chain:

What is the difference between the classic padlock and the vintage padlock? well... the vintage version was the first one to be ever made and Louis Vuitton launched the jewellery lock collection as a tribute of it. 

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The vintage padlock is out of the production line, this means that only a limited amount of them can be found on the vintage market, after a while they will be sold out forever. The classic is the one that is currently in the store, distributed as a charm bag for certain types of bags(speedy, alma, keepal) and it's relatively easier to find in the vintage market.  

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OMG I can’t believe it I’m soooo lucky my better half gifted me this padlock and key necklace I’ve been eyeing for agesss!! It’s from @boutiquesecondlife where they rework and replenish vintage/and modern secondhand designer items giving them a lush makeover for another great second life. They authenticate each and every item by professionals to make sure it’s the real deal. I love browsing their Instagram page on how to care for your padlock, and they give you all the information and tips you need to make sure you get full wear of all the jewellery, and to slow down everyday wear and tear. They also share with their followers how their company works and manages their business which is so interesting to view! They are always trying to restock and find new items to release every Friday! I could go on! This is 💯 NOT SPONSORED I’m just clearly OBSESSED! I can’t wait to expand my collection from them even more and get new chains for my padlock to mix up the style, and also possibly get a pastel necklace or choker in the future! Love love LOVE! So grateful! 😍

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#14: Padlock with Iced Out Chain:

looking for the wow factor? 

These statement necklace are great to renew your looks and make amazing every single outfit 

Achieve a more excessive style and feel free to add a pair of matching earrings to top off the look. therefore it is great for special occasions, work or cocktail parties.

A perfect look for the ladies on-the-go who want to keep it stylish and exquisite.

#15: Padlock - Bracelet:

ok, I know that this is not a necklace, but if you're looking for an unforgettable bracelet then you should definitely have a look to this one 

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Yes I speak French...Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy...!🤍🕊 . Wearing my stunning @boutiquesecondlife reworked Louis Vuitton padlock bracelet 🤍 I love how you can transform this piece from a necklace to a bracelet, just by switching the chain! @boutiquesecondlife have so many amazing designer reworked pieces, so be sure to check them out 🕊 (gifted) . . . . . . . . . . #louisvuitton #reworkedvintage #theparisguru #theparisianchique #parisian #parisianvibes #parisianstyle #parisianlifestyle #parisianchic #parisianlife #parisianfashion #parisianamour #parisstyle #takemetoparis #myparisstyle #neutrals #parisienne #parisiennestyle #lavieparisienne #onparledemode #fashiondetails #howtobeparisian #frenchvintage #frenchvibes #neutralstyle #neutralshades #lookinspiration #tenuedujour #styledujour #modeaparis

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In love with more than one style? Feel free to add more chains to your collection and play with different styles. If you have already a Louis Vuitton padlock you can buy separately our chains here. Please keep in mind that our chains are specially designing and suitable to Authentic Louis Vuitton padlocks.

There you have it! Your guide our padlock necklaces(and 1 bracelet). Once again, many picks you can choose from, therefore there is no doubt that you will find just the right one to suit your style.

These pieces will allow you to upgrade your jewellery collection to one that is both luxurious, elegant and above all UNIQUENESS. 

All items are pre-owned or reworked. Trademarks are owned by their respective brand owners. No brand owner endorses or sponsors this ad or has any association and/or affiliation with BoutiqueSecondlife

Our Promise

We have authentication procedures in place to help ensure the authenticity of our items.

100% Authenticy Guarantee 

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